The Puff Ghost XL Disposable Vape

If you love gaming, chances are you’ve probably heard of the “puffy ghost” in Blizzard games like Diablo II and Hearthstone. In fact, the puff ghost in Blizzard is actually one of the most popular items in all of video game history. And there’s a reason why: the puff ghost is a great way to help you avoid being killed by other players.

Ice Ghost

If you are looking for an ice-cool vaping experience that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Ghost XL Disposable Vape. The device can produce up to 800 satisfying puffs from 3.2mL of e-liquid. The device also boasts a unique mesh coil design, no buttons, and no maintenance. Plus, the battery is rechargeable via a Type-C charging port.

The Ghost XL is also available in 23 flavours in 20mg/mL. The best part is you don’t have to shell out for the e-liquid, as the device comes with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. And, the 3.2mL of e-liquid will last you for more than a day, should you opt for the AA or AAA batteries. The AA batteries are rated to provide a whopping 800 puffs, while the AAA version is rated to provide a whopping 3000.


The Ghost XL Blizzard is an ice cold mint vape of the highest order. Fortunately, it does not require the same degree of dedication that the lion’s share of vape enthusiasts reserve for their high priced pens. It is powered by a 1500 mAh battery which gives it the oomph factor required to keep the wattage watts a-flowin’. The aforementioned octane elixir, however, is limited to the confines of the pen, leaving you to enjoy the tamer tastes of your vape worthy kin.

The most impressive thing about this device is the longevity of the resulting vape juice. A well done vaporization will see you through your workday and your next night out with the ladies. As such, the best way to ensure maximum vapor density is to opt for a quality disposable.

Hyper Ghost Max

Ghost Max Disposable Vape is an innovative new disposable vape pen. The vaporizer features a powerful 1050 mah battery, a 6ml e-juice capacity, and an adjustable airflow ring. It also has over-inhale protection and a short circuit protection.

The device comes in 16 irresistible flavors. You can choose from Bold 50, Pineapple Coconut XL, Peach Ice, and more. The e-juices are pre-filled in 6mL cartridges. Each e-juice contains 20mg, 35mg, or 50mg nicotine strength.

The vaporizer is lightweight and portable, making it easy to travel with. It also has a simple, straightforward design that is easy to use. It’s also easy to pocket. It has a streamlined design and a long battery life. You can expect up to 2000 puffs from the device.


There are some disposable vapes that are perfect for anyone who is trying to stop smoking, or who simply does not want to be bothered with the hassle of a regular vape. The Ghost Box is one such device that you will love. It features a sleek and small design, and it is also bursting with flavor. Whether you want a sweet, fruity e-juice, or a strong, menthol flavour, the Ghost Box has got you covered.

The Ghost Box Disposable has a high-capacity battery that allows it to hold 3500 puffs of e-liquid. It is designed to be incredibly easy to use, and there are no buttons or maintenance to worry about. It also features a sleek, colourful design, and is a must-have for those who enjoy a vape that is bursting with flavour.